Frequently Asked Questions

We are not a Scottish company, can we have a listing?

No. You must be a Scottish company or have a physical address in Scotland. All listings are checked before being published. We check your website and if we can't find evidence of a Scottish address we will not approve your listing.

Is this a FREE directory?

Yes. 100% FREE. We don't offer premium listings, we won't approach you asking if you want to upgrade your listing, all listings are the same.

If it's FREE is it any good?

Yes, it's very good. Search engines crawl this site regularly and the site is very search engine friendly. It's also edited and maintained by real people meaning the quality of the information is high. Quality directories are well respected by search engines and listings in quality business directories can help your search engine rankings. Note CAN not WILL!

What if I can't find a suitable category?

We've purposefully used very general categories as used by other quality business directories.

How can a listing in here help my company?

First of all as the directory grows in popularity it will send traffic to your website. You will see  this traffic show in your Google Analytics package. You do use an analytics package don't you? Secondly, as the directory becomes more established links from this directory to your website could improve the way your website performs in the search engines. Why? Because the way Google ranks sites partly depends (some suggest greatly depends) on the quality of the links to it.

Can I buy a banner advert?

No. Sorry, the only adverts we carry are simple text based Google Ads. They tend to blend better - we hate flashing adverts on websites!


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