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The Scotweb Scottish Business Directory is owned and operated by Red Evolution Ltd.

We only accept entries from Scottish companies or companies with a physical address in Scotland AND a website. Also you should be aware that your website MUST have your business address clearly displayed BY LAW. All listings are manually checked before being published. If your company does not meet our criteria your request for a listing will be deleted. We check for a Scottish address on your website and this MUST be present. WE WILL NOT ADD YOU TO THE DIRECTORY IF YOUR WEBSITE DOES NOT HAVE A SCOTTISH POSTAL ADDRESS CLEARLY SHOWN. ALL ENTRIES ARE MANUALLY CHECKED SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOU DON'T MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS.

All information in the Directory is intended for information purposes only and does not represent advice. We make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information contained on the website, and you should take precautions to verify it.

All entries in the directory are given FREE OF CHARGE but we reserve the right NOT to include any website without giving a reason.

All submissions will be checked for authenticity and we only accept submissions from companies operating from a physical address in Scotland.


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